Strategic partnership
SOL9 has signed strategic partnership with the most important Spanish companies devoted to the design and construction of PV Solar plants, mainly in the South East of Spain. As well as, it has developed strategic partnerships with major PV manufacturers and inverters worldwide. Apart from that, SOL9 incorporates an architecture team, which designs the final solutions taking into consideration the urbanism integration, and other esthetic elements. In total, more than 320 MWp we built up by SOL9 and its shareholders, and they are actually maintenance and operated at very high efficiency level. These long-term relationships enable SOL9 to guarantee the immediate sale and installation of high quality products, meeting all investor requirements, taking full advantage of cutting edge technologies and offering fully customized solutions. All our partners are certified under the most rigorous international standards and provide all required material and performance warranties.
 Quality, enviroment and social
QUALITY PRODUCT AND CONTROL The most rigorous quality standards are ours As a leading provider of photovoltaic systems in the world, SOL9 plans, designs, builds and operates large photovoltaic plants as specialized wholesaler and distributes all the necessary components for photovoltaic systems. We offer a complete range of products of excellent quality and controlled every detail as manufacturers. From facilities on the roof of his own house facilities to the megawatt range, SOL9 will always find the solution that best suits your needs . SOL9 in your portfolio only includes those products that meet the most stringent quality controls. Besides checking the technical aspects and the collection and evaluation of all certified (TUV, IEC, etc.). Also part of the qualification process product testing short and long term for resistance and performance in low light conditions, checking of system costs and support systems, as well as a measurement of electroluminescence by independent institutes if necessary. We also evaluate the economic aspects such as solvency, business plan and the capabilities of our suppliers, we conduct plant inspections and check the conditions of warranty services and funding opportunities. All these measures contribute to forming a part of the product portfolio Phoenix Solar the best components of most renowned manufacturers. QUALITY ASSURANCE One of our core competencies: the construction of power plants certified We plan, build, and operate solar power control several megawatts of power to municipalities and other energy suppliers in industrial and commercial roofs or surfaces in the open. All construction processes are certified according to EN ISO 9001/14001 within our quality management. Thus, our knowledge and experience flow directly in the division of specialized wholesaler. ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL Clean and Social Energy is our objective SOL9 Environmental Solar Services: · Deliver energy with zero emissions. · Enable energy production that is unobtrusive and silent. · Can be deployed virtually anywhere that there is sunlight. All construction processes are certified according to EN-ISO-14.001 within our environment management and therefore the wastes management is 100% fulfilled. SOL9 Social Solar Energy: · Supports national energy independence by reducing the need for fossil fuels. · Provides power locally, reducing the need for extensive "grid" infrastructure. · Creates jobs for the local economy.
 High performance and efficiency OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE Professional O&M services for your PV Solar Plant SOL9 offers a variety of services in the technical operation of solar power plants. Besides the control of the system returns, our services include regular cleaning and effective maintenance measurements. Our service is organized in a way that allows us to be on site with short notice. If we can’t come in person, we can always rely on our worldwide service network. In all cases, we guarantee smooth collaboration and reliable service. SOL9 and his shareholders are currently taking care of operation and maintenance for a project volume of over 90MWp. Operation In the context of technical operation, SOL9 is responsible for the observation and control of the systems’ yields. This includes the permanent documentation of the yields and the early identification of technical defects, as well as the immediate removal of eventual errors and replacement of defect components respectively. Monitoring Monitoring is the permanent electronic supervision of the yields produced. Via wireless GPRS-connection, the yield data is transmitted to SOL9 and reviewed and controlled each day. This way, errors can be identified early and removed directly – either online or by a technician on site. Maintenance Our service portfolio for solar parks also includes the regular maintenance and professional inspection of your solar system. During the routine maintenance, we check the solar modules for visible defects, shadows and fouling. On demand, SOL9 also makes sure that all legal directives and laws concerning fire prevention, system safety and operational safety have been respected. Removal of defects Thanks to SOL9’ international network of partners and subsidiaries, our technicians are ready to respond immediately in case something is not working the way it is supposed to. Reporting As customer of SOL9, you have online access to the yield data of your system at any time. The online report is updated automatically every 15 minutes. Additionally, you receive a monthly report of the system yields and – where applicable – a detailed description of errors and component replacements. Documentation All data, which SOL9 receives via the monitoring system, are safely filed and evaluated directly. This way, even slow trends of component degradation that usually only become noticeably very gradually, can be identified comparatively early. Optimization We SOL9 offer to come and visit your PV project to check if there are any technical defects. We can tell you directly whether there is a defect and what costs are associated with fixing it. The on-top-yields that can be achieved by a repair are usually significantly higher than the cost for the repair.
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